Are there any roles or career paths in Salesforce that can be learned in 90 days and freelance gigs and remote jobs are widely available for people anywhere in the world?

Non-native English speaker here.

I live in Bangladesh. I have a BS in Economics, an MBA and 4.5 years in banking. I am out of home for work for 13 to 14.5 hours or so a day five to six days a week. I am looking to do a job where the employer is outside the country. This is because, there are very few tech jobs in bangladesh and they all require a Bachelors in Computer Science which I don’t have. The pay here is also very low.

Now, I am looking for a job role in salesforce, that I can learn in 90 days or so. And that I can do during 10 hours on Friday on a freelancing basis at first. If I see that I am getting a steady income, then I would like to leave this banking job and then go into the salesforce remote job fulltime.

However, due to GDPR and similar laws, I am told, that most employers in Western countries don’t want to hire people from South Asia like Bangladesh because that would mean sending client’s identifiable information over the internet to a country in South Asia.

So my question is: Are there any salesforce roles or career path that I can take, where jobs are widely available to people from South Asia, both as freelance gigs as well as remote jobs?