best marketing stack?

Calling all marketing/analytics experts:

What’s your tool stack for marketing, user journey, analytics, & customer support / CRM etc?

We’re a small online subscription biz based on WordPress; looking to upgrade our stack to a more robust / connected system.

Main factors: Connectedness , Simplicity, and Cost.

So, this is the stack I’m considering:

– Klaviyo
– Google Tag Manager
– Google Analytics 4
– Google Data Studio
– DeadlineFunnel
– Hotjar
– Zapier
– HelpScout
– ManyChat
– Agorapulse

What about y’all? What have you found to work well and also play nicely together?

Klaviyo caught my eye bc of their emphasis on their integration ecosystem with our other tools: Stripe, ViralSweep Giveaways, ManyChat, HelpScout, WordPress, Google Drive, AWS.

Your expertise, experience, and current tools would be mighty helpful y’all 🙂

P.S. – still wishing for a dashboard that connects email/sms marketing, customer support, & social media. or etc.