Ideas for niche world-wide remote technical service

So I have an established side gig operating a high value remote service. It’s been in operation for over 10 years now. Think of it as a kind of digital good that can be delivered anywhere the Internet can reach.

My clients pay on average a few hundred dollars for my service. And they love me as I deliver a high quality low cost solution quickly, often in one day. In short they save a lot of time and money when compared to other traditional brick and mortar providers.

The challenge is that my service operates in a very niche technical area that few people need and if needed it is likely a one time need. But when needed it is often a high priority need.

The other challenge is trust as I connect remotely to the client’s computer . So if I had malicious intent I could possibly do harm.

For competitive reasons I am being vague about the details. But I would welcome ideas for growing such a service. Or possibly engaging with someone that can help me. Currently I average about 2 clients per month.

World-wide this market segment generates over 10 billion dollars in annual revenue so I think there is room for growth.

Note I am rather old school and strong on the technical side but seriously lacking in sales / marketing / social media skills.

Thank you for your consideration. All suggestions are most welcome!