Opinion on Masters in Marketing science

Hello everyone,

So currently I’m working in India as a marketing manager. So I want to relocate to the USA but getting a job offer sitting in India is very difficult taking the visa situation into account. So I have been thinking to do a 1-year STEM-based MS in marketing science so that it would help me open new doors. So taking my situation into account I want your help, for me to decide if doing an MS in marketing science is worth it and is there a demand in the job market for marketing roles? I was considering an MBA but I want to do a specific course in Marketing as this is what interests me. I have heard a lot that we learn more about marketing while working rather than studying but I need to relocate and have a wider option for jobs. So I was considering a Marketing master’s.

So it would be helpful if someone can drop any suggestions for me on letting me know about the marketing jobs in the USA or suggest any other courses for which there is a demand in the market.

It would be helpful if you can drop any cents of advice for me as this is a very crucial step and I don’t want to make any errors. As I would be spending around 40-45K USD for the masters. You can also suggest any specific state I need to choose where the marketing jobs are on-demand. And what are the average salaries for a person with 3 years of work experience and a masters degree

Cheers guys