What would you do if your back was against the wall and you had to make ten sales ASAP?

This a real life question for me now. I got sick and lost a third of my clients due too not servicing them well.

My solution is to go back to my telemarketing roots. Thank God I don’t have to cold call. I learned marketing because hated that so much.
But now I need money to market.

In addition to calling current clients who have Healy insurance with me I will send short handwritten sales notes to those who don’t answer the phone or need follow up after I talk with them.
Using the phone and handwritten letters was always my answer to this question when it was hypothetical. Today it’s real. I got back on the phone today and hand wrote two mini sales letters. I consider my highest and best use to be marketer but I have to go back to one to one sales to fund my one to many marketing until it funds itself. That will take about ten sales. I hope I still have the phone sales chops and can use my copywriting ability to craft personalized sort-form sales notes.